Celebrate your achievement

As a Falmouth Flexible student, you're invited to attend your graduation ceremony at Falmouth University.

While on campus, you will formally receive your degree certificate from Chancellor Dawn French, alongside your peers from both on-campus and online courses.

Graduation Summer 2023

The next Falmouth University graduation ceremonies will take place between 18 July – 20 July 2023 in the Ceremony Hall on our beautiful Penryn Campus. You can find the schedule of ceremonies here.

Highlights from the day

Watch some highlights from Falmouth's 2022 graduation ceremony:


Falmouth Flexible Graduation 2022

MA Illustration graduate Fiona Rimmer talks about her online learning learning experience with Falmouth Flexible:


Hear from MA Illustration graduate Maxine Newell on how the graduation experience was:


Fiona Rimmer: I don't know. I think that online education can be an unusual choice because you think you're missing out on student opportunities. But if you're in a stage of your life where it's difficult to commit to that sort of lifestyle, then you really don't miss out with an online course. It's been really exciting. It's pushed me in directions that I've never expected. It's intellectually challenging, it's creative. You're very independent in the way that you are working. So I think it's just a brilliant thing to do. And I've absolutely loved it.

Maxine Newell: Thank you, Falmouth. I mean, it's been brilliant. We've been studying online and to get together today and to meet everybody in person, it's been great. And it's given, you know, to being flexible and online. It's enabled us to be able to work and to be able to study. So it's great. Brilliant thank you, Falmouth.

Falmouth Flexible Graduation 2019

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